If your child has taken part in any activities/courses provided by Stafford Borough Council Leisure and Culture team we would like to hear your views.

* 1. Please supply your address below:

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* 5. Date Range (month and year of activity e.g. February 2014)

* 6. Where did you hear about the school holiday activities your child attended? (Please tick all that apply)

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* 8. What is the best way for us to let you know about the school holiday activities?

* 9. Please use this space to add any further comments or suggestions about the promotion of school holiday activities

* 10. Has your child attended any activities/courses run by Stafford Borough Council before?

* 11. Why did you choose to take part in the activity/courses? (Please tick all that apply)

* 12. Were you aware that this activity was organised by Stafford Borough Council?

* 13. Please tick one box which most applies in each case

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How would you rate the activity?
How good was the venue?
What did you think of the staff/coaches?
How would you rate value for money?

* 14. Did your child enjoy the activity enough to come on it again?

* 15. Based on your child's experience of the school holiday activities, how likely is it you would recommend the activities to a friend? (please tick the appropriate number where 1 = extremely unlikely and 10 = extremely likely)

* 16. Please use this space to add any further comments or suggestions about school holiday activities/courses

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