Dear CIONET member,

We invite you to take part in our annual IT Governance survey. This year, we will investigate attitudes and expectations on the subject of IT Agility. The central question we will try to answer is "What is sufficient governance for agile IT?"

This survey is only targeted at CIOs & IT executives with end responsibility for IT.

The data will be aggregated to remove any identifying information of the respondents.
Results will be published on CIONET in January 2016.

Please fill in the survey below before December 15, 2015! The total estimated time to completion is 15 min.

This survey contains the following parts:
1. Information about you and your organization
2. Request for an optional personal interview
3. Assess the achievement of IT-agility related objectives
4. Assess the application of IT Agility related practices
5. Use of best practices

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

Pascal Lanser
CIONET Luxembourg