October 3-5, 2017

* 1. Did you enjoy the Career Expo?

* 2. Were you prepared for the Career Expo prior to attending the event?

* 3. Do you feel the event was well-organized?

* 4. Had you explored the pathways and identified your top 2 pathways prior to attending the event?

* 5. Have you taken a career interest inventory since school began?

* 6. Did the Career Expo make you aware of careers you had not previously considered?

* 7. Do you think information you received at the Career Expo have an effect on your high school course selections next year?

* 8. Having attended the Expo, please choose the most correct comment.

* 9. How would you rate Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo?

* 10. What three pathways did you enjoy the BEST?

* 11. Please choose from he following choices. 

* 12. In your own words, please tell us more about your experience.