Partners working in colorectal cancer (CRC) across Nevada continue to be challenged with low rates of screening and high incidence of late-stage diagnosis. The American Cancer Society is estimating Nevada will see 1,480 new cases of CRC and almost 600 deaths this year alone. While progress was made in increasing screening uptake by promoting “choice” in screening options, we still have a long way to go. Further complicating the issue for our uninsured and underserved, Nevada will no longer be receiving federal funding for CRC screening and diagnostics.

As such, there has been much interested in coordinating a statewide workgroup to address colorectal cancer and reduce barriers to screening in our state. Before we come together to work, we would like to gather more information on what you see as challenges and barriers to increasing screening and access to timely diagnosis and treatment, and where you also see successes.

The following survey will help collect information, which we will compile and share with you prior to our kickoff of work in this workgroup focused on colorectal cancer. Data regarding screening rates, the burden of CRC incidence and mortality, and the gap left with the loss of the federally funded screening program will also be shared.

Your individual responses are confidential. We will only share survey data in aggregate with all other responses. Thank you for sharing your feedback and input!