East Bay Dirt Classic Feedback

1.Do you prefer a virtual event with 2 week open window (like in the past 3 years) or one day event with mass start?
2.Do you prefer a single course timed start to finish or the 4-5 timed segments within a course as we've done in the past 3 years?
3.Do you prefer more of a mountain bike style course or more of a gravel style course?
4.The impetus for this event is fundraising for the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Would you be interested in having your own fundraising channel as those of us in the C510 do, gaining free entry to the event if you raise a certain amount of money or rather just pay to ride the event (+/- tacking on some extra money to reg fees to donate to the ACCFB)?
5.Best part of the event?
6.Least favorite part of the event?
Current Progress,
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