Help us identify new ways to give.

Thanks to generous giving, our Life Endowment Fund has over $106,000.  Each year we are blessed to give a percentage of the income.  This year we are able to spend $3500.

We are looking for your input in how we can spend this.
We would like to use $1750 within our church, for projects, programs or other items.  We would also like to use $1750 outside of our church in missions and programs that help others.

Please take a moment to share your ideas with us.

Question Title

* 1. Possible Inside the Church ideas: 

A. Information TV on Portable Stand. Upcoming events, notices, etc can be displayed before/after service. This TV can be used around the church for Sunday School, special events, funerals, etc.

B. WiFi equipment updates to help get WiFi around the church

C.  Fix/replace Bricks around the outside of the building

D.  Replace water heater

What ideas do you have?

Question Title

* 2. Possible ideas for Outside of the Church Support.

A.  Northwoods Homeless Shelter

B.  Salvation Army

C.  Interfaith Caregivers

D.  Food Shelf

E.  Mission Jamaica

What ideas do you have?

Please consider contributing to our Life Endowment Fund, now and in your estate plan.  It will be a blessing for future generations. Thank You!