Thank you for your interest in CWLA's 2014 National Kinship Care Conference to be held September 17 - 19, 2014 in New Orleans, LA. As kinship care continues to be a primary and valuable option for children who cannot live with their parents, the number of children residing with relatives and adults with a significant relationship to the family has grown over the past ten years. Emphasis on kinship care policy, practice, and research is necessary to continue to enhance services and supports for kinship families. This conference is a call to bolster the collective knowledge of best practice, policy, program and service development, and to identify areas for further research.

Child welfare and human service professionals, community advocates, kinship families (caregivers, birth parents, and youth) are cordially invited to share their knowledge and experience on practice and policy issues, program design and development, caregiver and family support, and training. We are looking for proposals for presentations and workshops that are:

• Innovative, instructive, with demonstrated successful program and service outcomes through evaluation;
• Evidence-based and evidenced-informed;
• Reflective of the needs and current trends of the kinship community (caregivers, children, birth parents);
• Structured to include audience participation and engagement; and
• Supported with handouts and other documents for distribution to the audience.

The topical areas of focus are:

• Application of trauma-informed practice in kinship care
• Models of support for kinship caregivers (including community-based kinship centers, Navigator programs, and assistance in identifying and using services)
• Impact of substance abuse on all ages within the family system
• Outreach to and engagement of birth and kinship caregiver fathers
• Family partnerships and connections (engagement of and support for parents and kinship caregivers in collaborative relationships; addressing changes in roles and responsibilities; and maintaining sibling, incarcerated parent and other family connections)
• Permanency planning for children in kinship families
• Kinship care practice and trends in Tribal communities and internationally
• Impact of immigration issues on kinship families within and outside the formal child welfare system
• Kinship advocacy (policy, caregiver self-advocacy, organizational change, and Fostering Connections)
• Creative community and cross-system collaboration
• Research design tracking outcomes of kinship families that pass through the child welfare system resulting in formal and/or informal arrangements

Proposals on any of these topics will be welcomed. Proposals must include a workshop/presentation description, abstract of the workshop, and a brief biographical summary of each presenter.

The selection of workshop and presentation proposals will be evaluated and rated on: (1) relevance to the conference theme and target audience; (2) degree to which the format is engaging of the audience; and (3) extent to which the proposal reflects innovation, clarity, originality and cultural sensitivity.

The workshops will be approximately one and a half hours long. The selected presenters must agree in writing to conduct their presentations regardless of the number of attendees pre-registered for the session, provide an electronic copy of any handout materials for their workshop presentations for possible publication/posting post conference on the CWLA website, and bring paper copies of handouts in a quantity sufficient for their workshop participants. Presenters will also be expected to register for the conference and pay for their own expenses.

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