What Are The Biggest Issues Facing North Carolina?

Carolina Public Press is seeking input and feedback about the overlooked and under-reported issues, topics and stories impacting North Carolina. We value your input, expertise and insight as we research our role in covering public policy, in-depth and investigative reporting across the state.

Thank you for your input! It really matters to our work!

* 1. In which part or parts of the state do you consider yourself most active, either professionally or personally?

* 2. How and where do you gather information and news about the “big issues” facing your community and our state (For this question, we're interested in where you gather public policy information and where you seek out investigative/in-depth reporting.) Check all that apply.

* 3. What’s the most pressing issue CURRENTLY facing your community? The state? In your opinion and in your experience, what, if anything, is being “ignored” by the traditional sources of news?

* 4. What about in the next two years? What are the emerging issues facing our communities and state?

* 5. Thinking over the past month, what topical information and/or news about North Carolina did you regularly seek out? (Check all that apply.)

* 6. Your contact information: (For follow-up purposes only. Your answers will remain confidential.)

* 7. (Optional) Your place of employment and position

* 8. Carolina Public Press is growing! If you'd like to help, let us know how. (Check all that apply.)

* 9. (Optional) Length of time living in North Carolina