Pledge Commitment

“The Big Picture” 2012 introduces a fresh approach for raising funds to support art education.
Combined pledges of even the smallest amount produce impressive results.
Pledges are based on the dollar amount sold in our boutique with the goal of $10,000.00
total sales, similar to a bike or walk-a-thon but this is a Shop-A-Thon!
For example, if your pledge is one cent per dollar of sales, your total contribution will be
$100 if the sales goal is reached. If the total sales are $9,999.00, your contribution will be
$99.99 and so on as represented below. Payment will be collected after the event.
All event proceeds benefit Chicago Lost and Found's mission to provide art education.
Thank you for your pledge.

I want to be part of "The Big Picture" with a pledge of:

I commit to my full pledge amount regardless of boutique sales total

Payment Contact Information

No payment is due until after the event.
We will contact you with your total payment due and payment options.
Thank you for being part of "The Big Picture".