This diagnostic survey intends to explore your current and desired knowledge about selected ICTE--Information and Communication Technologies for Education. It will help us adjusting course offering to group felt needs.

Thanks for your collaboration

Alvaro Galvis, Director CETL

1. Your full name is

2. Your email address at WSSU is (

4. Technology level of proficiency

Share with us how proficient you are with Information and Comunication Technologies (ICT) in three settings: personal, face-to-face and online teaching.

  I am an expert in ICT with this purpose I can handle ICT with this purpose I am a novice in use of ICT with this purpose N/A, this use is not applicable in my case
Personal use of ICT
Face-to-face teaching with ICT
Online teaching with ICT

5. Voice and video technologies you have access to

  I have at home I have at the office I will get one NA / I do not need it