PSO Award for Excellence

A big THANK YOU for taking the time to nominate your Professional Staff Organization (PSO) colleague for the 2013 PSO Award for Excellence. Please complete the nomination form outlined below. Nominations are due by Friday May 31, 2013.

* 1. Information about the PSO employee you are nominating:

* 2. Describe and provide specific examples of how this nominee demonstrates one or more of the following attributes (Note: Please reference the applicable paragraph letter in your response):

A. Exceptional communicator with excellent interpersonal skills in the performance of her/his job duties to the benefit of faculty, staff and students.

B. Exceptional level of integrity, professionalism and job performance that inspires excellence in others and contributes to Western's mission and values.

C. Exhibits and encourages excellence in initiative, creativity and willingness to explore new ideas through work and interaction with others.

* 3. Information about the nominator:

* 4. If the nominee wants to know who nominated her/him, may we:

  Yes No
Release your name?
Provide a copy of your nomination form?