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* 3. Subdivision and Development Regulation – Update

See the full draft Subdivision and Development Regulation with proposed changes.

This regulation specifies the requirements for subdivision applications, subdivision and development conditions, and the registration and endorsement of subdivision applications.

What’s changing: The Modernized Municipal Government Act (MMGA) added a new provision for determining when a subdivision application is complete to ensure all reviews and decisions are fair and accurate. This regulation was drafted to accompany that process and proposes to:
  • align the definition of “food establishment” with the Food Regulation;
  • align the regulation with the term ‘body of water’ used in the MMGA;
  • clarify that all highways can be reviewed from a highway vicinity management perspective, regardless of the posted speed limit;
  • clarify when the subdivision authority must send application to Alberta Transportation or the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for referral purposes;
  • clarify how to determine setbacks from operating waste treatment plants;
  • ensure that the subdivision authority is informed of environmental reserve agreements and any active wells, batteries, processing plants of pipelines within a proposed subdivision;
  • ensure a subdivision authority does not make a decision on lands until Alberta Transportation is satisfied with an area structure plan at the time of the application of subdivision;
  • ensure that municipalities that decide to set their own decision making timelines adhere to their specified time; and
  • incorporate the Subdivision and Development Forms Regulation into this regulation.
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