* 1. The name of the school my child attends is -

* 2. I would describe my experience with advancedlife as -

* 3. I felt the "group" photographs were -

* 4. I felt the "individual portrait" was

* 5. How would you describe the flyer outlining your school photo package purchase options?

* 6. If you placed your order online how would you describe the online ordering experience?

* 7. How would you describe the value for money provided by advancedlife?

* 8. The most important thing about a school photography supplier to me is-

* 9. How could we improve our service, products or value that we deliver next year?

* 10. Please contact me to resolve the subjects raised in this survey (please include your name, contact phone number or email address as well as your name and the name of your child) -

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