* 1. Camp Tipsy 2017 is either going to be June 15th-18th, or June 22nd-25th. Which would you prefer?

* 2. We are talking to a production company (Take 3) about doing a late night stage a mile away from the campgrounds- featuring DJs and other entertainment (that might have some sound bleed, but probably not). The stage would start at midnight and go until dawn. Is this an attraction that you would be interested in?

* 3. What was the best part of Camp Tipsy for you?

* 4. What was the worst?

* 5. How can Camp Tipsy be better?

* 6. Are you excited to come next year?

* 7. Is Camp Tipsy priced correctly?

* 8. How can Camp Tipsy generate more revenue, without advertising to the general public (which we don’t currently do!)?