* 1. Respondent Information?

* 2. Does your household believe Climate Change has altered Natural Resources, if yes in which natural resources have you noticed changes? (Use the comments section to provide details on the changes you have noticed)

* 3. What is your household most interested in seeing on the Tribes Lands? Rank by the level of importance to your household:

  Not at all Important Important Very Important No Opinion
Recreational Areas (i.e. trails, rest areas, etc.)
Animal Protections (Wildlife)
Plant Protections (Wildlife)
Water Protections (i.e. creeks, streams etc.)
Traditional Resource Gathering
Community Facilities (i.e. community center, library etc.)
Historic Facilities (i.e. structures, sites etc.)
Community Infrastructure (i.e. water, sewer, roads, energy etc.)
Residental Housing
Forest/Tree Protections (i.e. trees, understory vegetation, etc.)

* 4. How important to your household is a continuous coastal/marine resource (i.e. sea anemones, fish, abalone, seaweed, seals, salt and other marine life and their habitat) monitoring program along the Tribes Coastal Lands?

* 5. Does your household believe there should be limits on allowed take of inland resources from the Tribes Lands?

* 6. Of the following activities, which does your household believe should require a license/permit? (Check all that apply)

* 7. What kinds of coastal resources do you and/or your family typically gather? (check all that apply)

* 8. In order for the Tribe to take measures to protect natural resources of community importance we must understand what those priority resources are. List any non-marine (non ocean) plants or other wildlife that are important to your household and require protection? (i.e. plants , animals & any other resources)

* 9. Have the effects of climate change negatively affected your...? (Check all that apply) (Use comments section to descibe how you have been affected)

* 10. How does your household envision the Tribes Lands in the next 20 years?