Fit Again Sports Therapy Appointment Feedback

Clinic Appointment Feedback

Many thanks for undertaking an appointment with Fit Again Sports Therapy and for taking the time to complete this survey. Our number one priority is to provide a first class service and we appreciate your feedback to maintain the best possible experience and for thoughts on ways we can improve. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
1.Your full name
2.How do you rate your overall experience in the clinic?
3.Did you leave the appointment with a better understanding of your injury? (5 being a thorough understanding)
4.How would you rate the explanation of your current problem? (5 being perfectly explained)
5.Please rate the aftercare from your appointment including the rehabilitation videos. (5 being the most helpful)
6.Would you recommend the clinic to friends and family?
7.Are there any changes that you would suggest which could improve the experience?
8.Any other comments
9.Would you be happy to be contacted to leave a public review to help with the online visibility of the clinic?
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