Impowerus Feedback 

Impowerus helps immigrant youth by giving them the tools they need to fight for themselves in an intimidating legal system. The Impowerus platform allows attorneys working in a pro bono capacity to connect with and provide advice to minors through video chat, as well as have access to time-tracking and case management support. This eliminates a significant barrier to performing pro bono work because it allows firms to effectively manage, administer, and oversee their cases.

The purpose of this survey is to collect experiences from attorneys about what they want to see in a pro bono platform like Impowerus. 

* 1. Name

* 2. City/State

* 3. Workplace

* 4. If you're at a law firm, could you share the name?

* 5. What are your pro bono practice areas? What pro bono work have you already done?

* 7. Do you have concerns about meeting with clients over video chat? Are you comfortable speaking to juveniles if we provide you with skills videos to watch or articles to read beforehand? What interests you about being able to connect with your pro bono clients via video chat?

* 8. Would you enjoy being able to track your hours spent on immigration pro bono? Do you have any concerns with the site tracking your hours for you to download? 

* 9. What additional features would you like to see? Being able to export hours to your time-tracking software, being able to view and keep documents, having analytics related to your pro bono workload, etc.

* 10. Would you be interested in being contacted as we move through development? Please leave your email here if so.