* 1. What is the number of employees at your company?
(N.B. Only questions marked with a big * cannot be left without an answer as it applies to all companies, other questions can be left empty if the company finds non of the response choices relevant)

* 2. What type of industry your company is part of?

* 3. Please state your current position in the company:
(N.B. Any information related to you or your company is treated anonymously)

* 4. Is your company aware of cloud computing?
(N.B. Cloud computing is internet based computing where companies get computing services on demand through the web like access to information systems like ERP, CRM and storage facilities through a web browser and pays for the service as operating costs (e.g. per user, per month) not as capital costs, and vendors usually posses the hardware resources,operates it,maintains it and provide their services to their customers through the internet)

* 5. Is your company currently using or planning to use any cloud computing services?

* 6. Please rate the following cloud related security concerns based on their importance in affecting the security of your company's current or intended future cloud activities:

  Unimportant Important Very Important Extremely important N/A
Trusting the vendor
Legal issues and regulatory compliance
Technical security risks(e.g.data privacy, malware,hackers,...etc)

* 7. How is your company currently handling the security of its cloud operations or intending to?
(N.B. In this question more than one answer can be selected)

* 8. Please select which of the following cloud security recommendation guidelines your company is aware of:
(N.B. In this question more than one answer can be selected)

* 9. If your company has implemented recommendations through any of the following cloud security guidelines or others please specify which:
(N.B. In this question more than one answer can be selected)

* 10. If you have implemented any recommendations from the cloud security guidelines listed in the previous question or others please specify how was your company's experience: