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The Student Attire For Education (SAFE) Matching Grant and Online Retail program matches up to $2,500 for each school that has a need for school uniforms or other clothing. We work with both individual schools and districts. The program was founded by Jerry Bisgrove, founder of the Stardust Companies and is an exclusive program of the Back to School Clothing Drive. We offer this program in collaboration with the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Back to School Program. We match the funding awarded to schools by Piper and from other sources. Our matching grants are made possible through the generous investments of the Stardust Foundation, BHHS Legacy Foundation, USAA Educational Foundation, APS and others. Schools must be classified as Title 1 public elementary schools to participate.

If your school or district is not a member of our program or have never shopped with us and you would like more information on how to become a member school, please contact Jean Pegler, Program Administrator at (602) 256-9408 or via email at jean@btscd.com.

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Karl Gentles
Executive Director
Back to School Clothing Drive

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