1. 2013-2014 Winter One Acts

Members of the department faculty are responsible for selecting the Winter One Acts for the spring semester. We are deeply interested in student directors' interests and ideas for scripts/play suggestions. Your completion of this survey is strongly encouraged and will help us clarify your artistic and scholarly interests. In order to value each submission equally, we will accept students suggestions through this survey format only.

Final submissions are due Friday, November 1, 2013 @ 5 pm.

Note: Although the survey format will allow you to submit one play only, please feel free to submit the survey as many times as you desire. (Hence, if you would like to submit three plays, you would complete this survey three times.)

Much thanks,

Goshen Theater Department

* 1. Please answer the following demographic questions below for our records.

* 2. Are you a:

* 3. I am interested in directing a 2014 Winter One Act (spring semester):

* 4. Please enter the title of the play you would like to submit for consideration for the Winter One Acts.

(Please enter ONLY ONE title; you may complete this survey again if you would like to submit more than one play)

* 5. Please enter the playwright of the play you have submitted above for consideration for Spring, 2014.

* 6. Please include the character breakdown (name, gender, age, suggested ethnicity) for each character in the play submitted.

* 7. Please include a plot summary of the production submitted.

* 8. Why do you want to see this play staged at Goshen College?

* 9. I have satisfactory completed a college/university directing course.

* 10. Copies of your play submission are required. Please submit a a hardcopy of your play to Sandy Slaubaugh in the Theater office no later than Friday, November 1, @ 5 pm. Note: Failure to submit a hardcopy of your play could disqualify your entry.