1. Social networking

Test your legal IQ about social networking and electronic messaging

* 1. What is SEXTING

* 2. Your girlfriend who will be 16 next month has just sent you a text picture. In it she is only wearing a thong. Its a really good picture. You send it to your best friend. Did you just commit a crime?

* 3. In the previous question if you send the partially nude text picture of your 15 year old girlfriend to 6 of your friends, will you be charged with one count of child pornography?

* 4. If you are charged with child pornography can you be placed on the sexual offender registry list?

* 5. If you have been placed on the sexual offender registry for sending child pornography, can you still go to church and work at the elementary school near you.

* 6. A Tweet is

* 7. Last week you broke up with your boyfriend, and you have called and texted him everyday since that time. You really want him back. Today after you send him ten text messages he finally responds to you and texts: "Do NOT contact me...do NOT call , text me, or message me, we are done its over!!!!" Throughout the day you send him ten more texts hoping he will change his mind. Is that illegal?

* 8. You are 20 years old and this girl you really like is 18. You have a class with her and have worked on several projects together. You like her and have asked her out, but she said no. You give it one more try, and you send her a text picture of yourself naked and hope she likes what she sees. Is this a crime?

* 9. Does survey monkey really have a monkey at the main office?