The Ventura Unified School District values the input of parents as it prepares to develop its Local Control Accountability Plan and Budget for the 2018-19 school years. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Your responses will be anonymous and confidential. Please DO NOT put your name on this survey.

* 1. How many children do you have attending schools in Ventura Unified School District (VUSD)?

* 2. Please indicate the type of school your child(ren) attends in VUSD schools.   (mark all that apply)

* 3. Please fill in the bubble in the appropriate column to indicate that you Agree, Disagree, or Don’t Know with each of the statements below.

  Agree Disagree Don't Know/NA
The district supports the implementation of state approved student materials and instruction to prepare students for college and/or a career.
The district values parents/guardians as important partners in their student’s education and actively seeks their input.
Parents are invited to help plan, implement, and evaluate instructional materials, strategies, and programs.
The district effectively addresses attendance and absenteeism.
Most teachers make time to discuss grades, academic successes, or areas of improvement with my child and me as needed.
Parents are provided resources and training needs to strengthen student learning at home.
The schools my child(ren) attends is clean, safe, and in good repair.

* 4. The district implements programs that address:

  Agree Disagree Don't Know/NA
Alternatives to suspension
Student access to health services
Closing the racial/ethnic achievement gap
Student access to counseling services

* 5. The California State Standards are being implemented within the district to raise educational standards for:

  Agree Disagree Don't Know/NA
The general student population
English learner students
Special education students
Gifted students
Low income students
Foster and homeless students