Coaches Survey Questions

The Keller Hockey Board and Coaching Staff would like your feedback with a coaches survey.  The results and details of the survey are for the Keller ISD Hockey Board ONLY. Scott Yonce will be collecting the data and he will remove all player or parent names prior to presenting finding to the board. The individual feedback, along with the names of the players and/or parents, will NOT be shared with the coaching staff or anyone outside of the Keller Hockey Board. Only the overall results for coaches will be shared with the coaching staff. In order for your survey results to be factored into the final number, the player's and parent's name must be given.  Depending on certain comments, you may be approached by Scott Yonce for follow-up, only in the rare event that the Keller ISD Hockey Board requests a further explanation to an answer.

* 1. Was the coach approachable, willing, and readily available to meet with players and/or parents?

* 2. Did the coach give the players constructive feedback on their level of play? Add any addition comments if needed.

* 3. Do you feel like you improved as a player under this coach?  Add any additional comments if needed. 

* 4. Were practices motivating, productive, and well planned?  Add additional comments if needed. 

* 5. Did the coach encourage and teach team play rather than individual play during games?  Add additional comments if needed. 

* 6. Was the coach consistent in his expectations of all players?   Add additional comments if needed.

* 7. Was the coach able to communicate his knowledge to the players in an effective manner?   Add additional comments if needed.

* 8. Did you enjoy playing for this coach?  Feel free to explain your answer if needed.

* 9. Did this Keller Hockey season meet your expectations?  Please explain your answer if needed and use this area to add any addition comments you wish to express to the Board. 

* 10. Please add the player and parent name.  Please rest assured that your names will be removed from the report.