We are very pleased to invite you to an important activity for parents, partners, guardians, and children of new students at Northeastern Illinois University. Family Orientation will provide information about various academic programs and services available to your student(s).

Please provide the following information.

* 1. Please provide the following information.

* 2. How many family members will attend Family Orientation?

* 3. Which Family Orientation session will you attend?

* 4. We would like to create quality experiences for family members of NEIU students and we need your help to execute this plan. Below, please indicate if you are interested in being involved.

  Yes Maybe No
Family Programming Committee (provides feedback regarding the enhancement and creation of programs and support systems for family members of NEIU students)
Family Network (receive timely information regarding major deadlines, events, etc. at NEIU)
Family Updates (receive updates regarding NEIU events for families)
Family Volunteer Opportunities (are you willing to volunteer at NEIU events?)