English 1 Pre-course Survey

Before we begin our semester, I would like to get to know a little bit about you and what your goals are for the class. Please respond honestly to the following questions; there are no right or wrong answers. Your responses will help me to know how to make your learning experience as meaningful as possible.  

I'm looking forward to working with you this semester.

* 1. I have very clear ideas of what I would like you to learn in this class, and those ideas will be clear when you read the syllabus; likewise, I would like to know what you expect to learn in this course?

* 2. Learning is so much more meaningful when we have a purpose in mind. What would you most like to learn this semester? You may think about topics that we'll read about and discuss, concerns about writing issues, etc.

* 3. I strongly believe that we do your best when we feel comfortable in our learning environment. Please tell me a little bit about your comfort level with technology. Do you feel like a novice or a pro (or somewhere in between) when it comes to technology?

* 4. I know that I am always more successful when I plan on the amount of time I will need to spend on my work. How many hours per week are you planning to spend on this course?

* 5. We all learn in multiple ways; for example, I find that if I read about something and also watch someone speak about it, the ideas stick with me much better. How do you find that you learn best? Feel free to choose more than one option or write your own response.

* 6. I have had some rewarding (and some frustrating) experiences with group work. What are your feelings about working with others? You can consider working with your classmates in discussion forums and also working with them on group projects.

* 7. I just took a class last semester that I gained so much from because I was asked to apply what we were learning to my everyday teaching. What do you find most enjoyable or exciting about class environments (online or face to face)? You might consider past class experiences and what did (and didn't) work well for you.

* 8. Unlike my experience referenced in #7, I have also been in classes, where I felt the work was tedious or impractical, which was very irritating. What do you find most frustrating about class environments (online or face to face)? Again, consider past experiences as you respond.

* 9. Writing (in all of its many forms) is used in all professions, as well as in your daily lives. How prepared do you feel to write successfully in your college classes and your career (either current or future)?

* 10. My main goal in this class is for you to gain what you need to be successful thinkers, writers, and communicators. How could this class help to prepare you for success in your college courses, as well as in your future endeavors?