Do you have a child with a disability between the ages of 2-15? Please fill out this short survey to help give us some feedback on connecting with your child, using music, and technology. Your answers will help us develop a program model for parents. Thank you for your time! 

* 1. What challenges do you have as a parent with a child with a disability?

* 2. Describe your challenges on connecting emotionally with your child.

* 3. What time of the day and where do you want more opportunities to connect with your child?

* 4. What sort of technology have you found most helpful with your child (such as apps, websites, or software)?

* 5. What are the gaps in the technology (apps, websites, or software) you have used with your child?

* 6. What kind of social groups has your child participated in? What were the gaps? 

* 7. What is an ideal support group look like for you and your child?

* 8. How do you use music in your home or car?

* 9. Have you ever been apart of a music group with your child? If yes, what was your experience? What would you want to change?

* 10. We would love to discuss your ideas more in-depth. What time works best for you? 

* 11. Please leave your name and contact information.