1. Thinking about your mediations in the past

  Not important at all Not critical No preference Important Very important N/A
How important is it to have 1/2 day sessions available?
For 1/2 day sessions, how important is the availability of afternoon starts?

2. On the fee schedule , considering Judge Jones' qualifications & experience, do you think his rates are fair?

  Quite a bit too high Too high About right Very fair Extremely fair N/A
For the divorce no children, minimal property 1/2 day
Divorce with children, minimal property 1/2 day
Divorce with children + property issues 1/2 day
All other cases 1/2 day
All other cases full day

3. In the questions that follow, use 1 star for not so good or not so happy and up to 5 stars for up to happier or outright ecstatic.

Considering all of your mediations with Judge Jones, overall, how easy to you find it to be to schedule a mediation?

4. How easy do you find it to be to provide Judge Jones with advance information about your position?

5. How do you find Judge Jones' punctuality to be?

6. Considering the different types of mediations you have had with him, how pleased are you with Judge Jones' mediation style?

7. How well does Judge Jones listen to your client's concerns?

8. How important has Judge Jones' application of judicial experience been to your mediations.

9. To what extent do you find Judge Jones to find solutions to problems in effecting settlements?

10. Overall, how effective have you found Judge Jones to be in helping to resolve disputes.