1. Sobject's Queer Porn Survey

Sobjects is an intimate group of Berlin based feminist queer porn performers and producers, artists, activists, and thinkers who meet on regular basis to discuss and examine our relationships and questions related to our work in porn.

The word *Sobject* is invented by us to describe our unique position in the blurry space between subjects and objects; and our work and ideals around the constantly shifting line both behind and in front of the camera.

As people who find themselves committed to the production of queer porn, we wanted to begin our outreach research with a public survey, focusing on the initial questions who is watching queer porn? What role does it play in peoples lives, and why is it important? We are aware that it is impossible for a survey to represent everyone and their perspectives and experiences related to queer porn and sexuality, so we would like to encourage participants to please consider the multiple choice options, as well as to write in their own personal responses.

* 1. What is your Nationality/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/ Age (and/or any other identifiers you would like to share)?
Please answer for at least one, but preferably all.

* 2. Do you watch porn, and if so how often?
(People go through different sexual phases, please answer based on your average of the last year. If you have had a very different period of life regarding porn please explain in the other box.)

* 3. If you watch porn, what kind and how often?
Choose as many as apply to you.

  Never Less often Often Most Often Only
Gay Male