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Sessions in this series, will include: 

12/8 at 12pm - Dr. Clifford Sussman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who evaluates and treats people of all ages with excessive screen time related problems. As author of peer-reviewed literature and a frequent public speaker and expert consultant, he is a leading expert on internet and video game addiction.

12/10 at 12 pm- Dr. Tim Kasser is Professor of Psychology at Knox College in Illinois. He is the author of 5 books, including the High Price of Materialism. Dr. Kasser has written over 100 scientific articles and chapters on materialism, values, ecological sustainability, quality of life and more.

12/16 at 12 pm - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an Ivy League educated psychologist, best selling author, internationally renowned speaker and an expert on mental health, addiction, and the impacts of our digital age. He is the author of Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids- and How to Break the Trance.

1/8 at 12 pm - Dr. Andrew Doan- Eye Physician & Surgeon, Neuroscientist, Author & Speaker. Dr. Doan is a recognized expert in digital media addictions, his background in molecular neuroscience adds in depth knowledge into the areas of Internet Addiction, Video Game Addiction, and Technology Addiction. Dr. Doan is the author of Hooked on Games.

... and more to come in January 2021! 

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