1. Christchurch Waterways Survey

Thanks for participating in this survey!
All responses are treated as confidential and anonymous (unless directed by participant).
You do not have to answer all questions.
If you wish to recieve feedback from this survey once research is completed please email jdp48@student.canterbury.ac.nz

This survey has been approved by the Human Ethics Committee of the University of Canterbury

* 1. Please list the names of all the waterways you know in Christchurch:

* 2. What is the name of your local waterway? Please briefly describe this waterway:

* 3. Waterway use:

* 4. Where does rainfall runoff from your property go?

* 5. How are waterways most commonly polluted/contaminated?

* 6. Where do you live?

* 7. What is your Age Group?

* 8. How long have you lived in Christchurch?

* 9. If you are a member of any Christchurch waterways-oriented group(s) or organisation(s), please list which one(s):

* 10. If you are interested in learning about and/or being involved in waterways activites and discussion, please select which approach you would prefer to take:

  1 (Not interested) 2 3 4 5 (Highly interested)
Create a new group/organisation:
Join an existing group/organisation:
Attend planting days/working bees:
Attend organised workshops:
Participate through your child’s school (if applicable):
Read/Hear about waterways through media:
Visit on-line information sources such as Web-sites:
Participate in online discussion such as forums:
Carry out research involving waterway related work:

* 11. Are you aware of any Web-sites relating to Christchurch waterways? If so, please list these sites:

* 12. 12.Have you taken part in any waterways community consultation process?

* 13. If you would like to leave a comment or suggestion please use the box below: