Bridging Industry and Government Relationships

Have you ever been on a contract where it was nearly impossible to get the job done? Was it due to industry or government inaction? Do you wish you could do something about it?
We at TIP are looking for your stories. Specifically, challenges you have faced with industry or government when executing government contracts more than $30M.  If you have a compelling example, take 3 minutes to share it with us here. We will gladly collect your input, anonymously or otherwise, and are happy to provide credits as well in the final version.

* 1. Would you like to be anonymous?

* 2. Select your role at the time of event if your position held was within INDUSTRY.  If government, please skip and go to question 3.

* 3. Select your role at the time of event if your position was within GOVERNMENT.

* 4. Type of Contract:

* 5. Total Contract Value:

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* 7. Description of Challenge (i.e. Government lead was inaccessible and we were unable to get updates to current work schedule or requirements)