1. Travel Questions


The 2009 class of Leadership APTA (American Public Transportation Association) is conducting this survey to determine attitudes of 16 to 25 year-olds towards public transportation and future transit use. Public transportation is considered bus or passenger rail travel (but not considered school bus travel).

The information you provide will be used to assist transit agencies in understanding the opinions, concerns and wishes of young adults and teens on public transportation in North America. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. The survey period will end June 30th, 2009.

If you have any questions please email the project team at: ridership2009@yahoo.com.

* 1. Do you currently use any form of public transportation on a regular basis (bus, train, trolley)?

* 2. If you DO currently use public transportation, why do you choose to? Check all that apply.

* 3. How long have you been using transit?

* 4. How many times in a week do you use public transportation?

* 5. What times of the day do you usually take transit? Check all that apply.

* 6. How do you travel to a transit stop/station?

* 7. How do you find information about taking transit? Check all that apply.

* 8. If you DO NOT currently use public transportation, why not? Check all that apply.

* 9. Using a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is very negative and 10 is very positive, what is your general perception of public transportation?

* 10. If transit agencies wished to reach out to 16-25 year-olds, what would be the most successful marketing approach to attract this age group’s attention?

* 11. Will the availability of public transportation be considered in your next decision of where to live?

* 12. What factors would influence your long-term decision about whether you would use public transportation? Check all that apply.

* 13. On list below, please list if you Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Disagree (D), or Strongly Disagree (SD) with the following statements about public transportation

Public Transportation is mostly used by those without a car
Public Transportation provides an acceptable alternative to the auto
Public Transportation helps to make society better
Public Transportation use is a great way to improve the environment
Public Transportation is cool to use
Public Transportation is mostly used by minorities and/or poor people

* 14. Please provide any other comments you may have regarding public transportation in general.