Ice Rink Research

Grants are being applied to construct a small outdoor ice rink on Frostburg State University's campus, pending grant approval and pending university approval. Depending on funding and location, the unrefrigerated rink would be either 48' x 80'; 48' x 96' or 60' x 80'. We would like to upgrade one day to a refrigerated rink, but we have to start somewhere. No formal proposals have been presented to the university. No open date has been determined. We would appreciate your feedback to help further this project.  Visit for more info.

* 1. Which of these best describes you?

* 2. If Frostburg State University Featured A Seasonal Ice Rink Would You Use It?

* 3. What Program Would You Attend at the Ice Rink?

* 4. What Day(s) of the Week Would You Use The Ice Rink?

* 5. Because the rink is dependent on freezing temperatures, would you use the rink on a weeknight knowing it might melt by the weekend?

* 6. What Location Would You Prefer? [Update: Gravel Lot will be used]

* 7. Which Area Would You Volunteer At the Ice Rink?

* 8. If You Are A Member of a Student or Community Organization and Would Like to Support the Ice Rink, Please Describe How You Could Help:

* 9. Please Share Your Contact Info For Updates Or If You Would Like To Help