1. The Bike Shed Theatre: Two Years On

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The Bike Shed has been open since September 2010 and continues to evolve. Your feedback is vital in this process.

There have been many changes in the venue since our second year of operation began in September 2011 including new auditorium chairs and new box office system.

We want to know what you think of these changes and ask your thoughts on some future plans. By filling in this survey you could win yourself 2 free tickets to the Bike Shed's first show of the Autumn Season!

* 1. Your e-mail address (if you would like to be entered in to the competition to win 2 free tickets to our Autumn Season!)

* 2. How would you rate the quality of theatrical work that you have seen performed at The Bike Shed since September 2011?

* 3. How would you rate the following facilities at The Bike Shed Theatre?

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor N/A
Bar Service
Drinks Available
Seating in the bar
Seating in the auditorium
Sight Lines
Temperature of Auditorium
Temperature of Bar

* 4. The Bike Shed aquired its own box office system in December 2011. Please rate the new system in the following areas.

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied N/A
Userbility Online
Buying tickets on the door
Buying tickets over the phone
Using promotional codes

* 5. If you have any other comments on how we could improve the overall experience of your visit to The Bike Shed let us know here: