This survey is intended to give everyone the opportunity to provide the assessments team with valuable feedback on your experience with this year’s test administration.  When commenting on brochures and manuals, please cite the section, paragraph and/or page numbers in your responses. The survey should take less than five minutes to complete. We want to thank you in advance for taking your time to complete this survey.

* 2. If your district is not on the drop down menu, please write your district in the space provided.

* 3. Role(s)

Help Desk 2018

* 4. How was your experience with the TIER 1 (initial contact) help? Rate your experience.

* 5. How was your experience with the TIER 2+ help? (if applicable) Rate your experience.

Technology / Test Delivery System (TDS)

* 6. How was your experience with the embedded technology of the test? Rate your experience.

* 7. How was your experience with non-embedded (i.e., Dragon software, external keyboards) technology? Rate your experience.

* 8. Was there any technology you used that was not compatible with the Test Delivery System (TDS), but you would like to have available next year?

Manuals/Brochures/Quick Guides

* 9. Overall, how was your experience with the testing manuals (SBAC/VTSA): TIDE Manual, Test Administrator Manual, Test Coordinator Manual, Usability Accessibility and Accommodations Guide / Guidelines? Rate your experience.

* 10. Did you use any brochures or quick guides?