1. Introduction

The purpose of this survey is to assemble a picture of what tactics the police are engaging in to entrap men in these proactive sex stings, and the ramifications of that prosecution. This information will be used to combat the misleading and untrue comments police use to speak with legislators, the media, and thus the public. I have caught law enforcement agencies in many lies in hearings I have attended, news reports, direct emails, and even face to face on the Dr Phil show.
I asked the ICAC commander present on that show, which aired December 7th 2020, why they don't search the homes of arrested men for information on additional victims or targets, if they are so concerned about saving children from these purported 'predators'. That officer answered 'We do'. The people who saw the show believed him.
Those of us who have been through this are the only ones who know the truths about what is done. There was no investigation when my son was arrested - my guess is there was none performed on many of these sting arrests. But I can't say that without proof.
Wouldn't it be great if on my next media appearance, when an officer lies to the public, I could come back with 'While you claim to look for additional victims, home investigations were only done in 15 out of 675 sting cases surveyed!' Now that would be powerful.
We need this information to fight this injustice in the face of those who would attempt to silence us. 

This questionnaire is set up in 8 sections, the last section being your personal information. In order to use your answers we will need that information OR your case number and contact phone. This information will ONLY EVER be used to validate our information if questioned on our statistics by legislators or government agencies. I will never give this information to the police or post it publicly. 

In this survey I will use PPSS in place of the words 'Police Proactive Sex Sting'. Only answer this survey if this is your personal experience, or you have been authorized to answer for another - such as a currently incarcerated person. We can only use data from one person for each person arrested.

If you have questions or comments please submit them at CAGE.fyi for assistance.

Thank you for the courage to tell your story through advocacy efforts driven by CAGE (Citizens Against Government Entrapment).
12% of survey complete.