Please answer the following questions to aid in improving the Work Experience program.

* 1. What block did you have WEX?

* 2. The timing of my WEX block provided enough time at the work site.

* 3. The timing of my WEX block allowed me to experience the full range of opportunities at my work site.

* 4. I felt prepared for each placement with the information provided.

* 5. On the whole, my placements were engaging, worthwhile and informative.

* 6. I feel more confident applying for and interviewing for jobs as a result of WEX.

* 7. WEX made me feel more confident in my future career path and goals.

* 8. Due to WEX I feel I have a better understanding of jobs and careers available in Prince Rupert.

* 9. I would consider staying or coming back to Prince Rupert to work.

* 10. Is there anything you would like to add about your WEX experience?