* 1. Which one of the following age categories do you fall within?

* 2. Do you see Piles as a temporary or long term problem?

* 3. At what point of the day, if any, do you suffer the most?

* 4. What do you believe to be the causes of your piles?

* 5. If you are or have been pregnant then at which stage did you find the piles to be at their worst?

* 6. Rank the following, in terms of influence, for your choice of treatment?

  1 - Most influential 2 3 4 - Least influential
Doctor’s Advice
Family/Friend’s Advice
Google Search
Branded Websites
Advice Websites e.g. Netdoctor

* 7. Which of the following media channels would you find most influential for providing advice?

* 8. Are there combinations of key triggers that make you suffer more or feel most uncomfortable?

* 9. What effects, if any, does it have on your day to day living?

* 10. Who, if anyone, do you consult or speak to when suffering with piles?