* 1. What do you like most about the Parkview Community Centre?

* 2. What types of activities would you participate in if they were available in the Parkview Community Centre?

* 3. How often do you or your family members utilize the Parkview Community Centre?

* 4. Are you satisfied with facilities in the Parkview Community Centre, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with them, or dissatisfied with them?

* 5. What changes would most improve the Parkview Community Centre?

Parkview CL Park Space

Parkview CL Park Space

* 6. Looking at the Community League park space, above, there may be an opportunity to refurbish or repurpose the asphalt court / skate pond (highlighted by the blue square). In your opinion, what activities should this area serve? How would you like to see this space developed?

* 7. Taking into consideration any or all of your stated preferences in Question 6, approximately how much should the Parkview Community League board plan to spend in order to redevelop this space?

* 8. Do you currently hold a valid Family ($40) or Senior ($10) membership with the Parkview Community League?

* 9. Please enter your Postal Code. Thank you for your time and feedback.