1. Next Dor St. Louis

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Next Dor St. Louis is an exciting new project in the Central West End created for and by 20-somethings. We are converting an old house to serve as a center for post-college Jews to congregate, and as an umbrella site for existing organizations to hold events. Whether your focus is academic, artistic, or professional in nature, this space will provide an informal place for you to feel comfortable engaging with other young Jews.

This is a unique new project and we want you to help shape its future. We already have money to move forward with construction, but we really want your ideas and input about what St. Louis needs. We want to know what YOU envision for Next Dor. So, thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

* 1. There are many potential activities the Next Dor house could be used for, ranging from planned group events to casual gatherings. Next Dor is not just another organization putting on its own programming. Instead, it will be a place for young Jews to connect with each other, organize our own activities, and even attend events sponsored by current organizations such as SLIC or YPD.

From the list below, please check all the ways you would be interested in using the house, and tell us your own unique ideas as well.

* 2. We envision Next Dor as a place for young Jews in their 20s and 30s to gather. More specifically we would like it to primarily serve those who are post-college/over 21 but pre-marriage and family.

What do you think is the best way to achieve this dynamic?

* 3. The Next Dor house will be set up with key card access similar to what is used on many college campuses. We envision the house as open to all young Jews in the community all the time, but we will also need to control access for security reasons.

One possible access policy would be to require new members to attend several events at Next Dor over a period of several months. After this trial period, he/she could apply for key card access. He/she would have to provide certain information such as address, phone number, and a copy of his/her drivers license but would then be permitted key card access.

Does that sound fair to you?

* 4. We envision the house as both a gathering place for young Jews, and a catalyst for strengthening the young Jewish community in St. Louis. To meet these goals, we have considered limiting use of the house to only those who are Jewish. Tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements regarding the importance of restricting use of the house and what criteria should be used to determine one's Judaism.

  Agree Somewhat agree Disagree I don't know
Only Jews should be able to have key card access to the house
Non-Jews should be able to attend events but can't get key access to the house
At least one Jewish parent qualifies someone to gain access to Next Dor
Anyone who self-identifies as Jewish qualifies

* 5. Many of the events that can take place at Next Dor, as well as operational costs, will require funding. Please tell us about your willingness to pay nominal fees to use the house by checking all that apply.

* 6. We really need your help. Please let us know how you would like to get involved with the creation of the Next Dor house.

Check all that apply!