OBEC would greatly appreciate your time in filling out this short questionnaire. It should take 5-10 minutes and includes a total of 10 questions. OBEC will be using this data to assess the effectiveness and degree of impact that the sustainability tour had on participants. All data will be confidential, however we might use anonymous quotes. It is also double sided so be sure to check the back of this paper. Thank you for your time and we appreciate your help in our evaluation process.

* 1. How are you affiliated with Ottawa? (i.e. resident, tourist, visiting, student etc.) (Please write on the line below)

* 2. Who did you do the Sustainability Tour with? (Circle all that applies)

* 3. If you conducted the tour with other people, please write the total number of people in your group:

* 4. To what extent did you learn about sustainable initiatives in Ottawa from the Sustainability Tour? (1 being not at all and 5 being a lot) (Circle the number that best applies)

* 5. Do you think you might apply some of the sustainability ideas in your own life/work? (Circle the best answer).

* 6. (a) What was the site you liked the most? (b) What was your second favourite site? Why? (Please write below)

* 7. What was the site you liked the least? Why? (Please write below)

* 8. Did you enjoy the tour? (Circle the most applicable answer)

* 9. To what extent did you find the sustainability tour accessible? (Circle the most applicable answer)

* 10. Do you have any additional comments/recommendations?