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Thank you for your commitment to caring for and educating Vermont's children. Whether you were providing emergency care or had to close your program, we know the past six weeks have not been easy.  The Child Development Division, Vermont Department for Health, Building Bright Futures, Vermont Afterschool and Let’s Grow Kids are starting to think about what comes next and how we can be most thoughtful of the needs of Vermont families and afterschool and early educators.

The state is looking at how to safely open child care facilities which will include following the current Vermont Department of Health recommendations in place related to COVID-19. To see the recommendations go to:

As more data on this virus is available, the definite date for reopening will be announced, that is unlikely to happen until June 1. It will coincide with other industries opening.  This survey is to assist us in understanding your needs during the transition to reopening.  We will use this information to inform the supports we provide to you prior to and following a reopening of the system.

One of the aspects that we are aligning the opening of child care with when group sizes can return to the group sizes as defined in regulations.

If you could complete the survey by May 4th, that would help us to use your guidance to inform any reopening plans. This survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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* 1. What type of program do you operate?

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* 2. What county is your program located?

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* 3. Are you currently:

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* 4. Do you plan to reopen your program when the governor lifts the order for child care programs, and allows programs to open to all families?

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* 5. If you do not plan to reopen your program, why? (Select all that apply)

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