Section 191.022(g) of the Texas Health and Safety Code states that each local registrar shall annually submit a self-assessment report to the state registrar to allow a comprehensive desk audit of a local registrar.  To ensure compliance with statute, please complete as thoroughly as possible the following self-assessment survey so that we may determine risk factors for your office.

Although we are asking you to provide as many descriptive details as possible, please keep in mind that this document is not classified and will be subject to open record requests.

If you want to save your answers for later, then you should use the link (click OK) in the “2018 Self-Assessment Now Available!” email sent to your office on 7/25.

To complete this 75 question survey, you will need:
  • Knowledge of office policies and procedures
  • Ability to view your birth/death indexes
  • 2017 numbers for births/deaths registered and birth/death certified copies issued
  • Names and TER userIDs of vital record employees
  • Contact information for any branch/annex locations
 There are also 4 attachments (#75) that must be faxed to Field Services at 512-776-7538 to complete this survey. These include a birth/death application, a recent civil fees report, redacted birth marked “DECEASED,” and a page of the security paper log.

Some questions have multiple correct answers. If a question has checkboxes, then select all that apply.

If question about a process is not applicable to your office, then please note this in your answer and consult your Local Registrar Handbook or office manual to determine the best steps to take.

Please contact Field Services at if you have questions, technical difficulties, your responses did not save, or if you need a copy of your submitted responses.

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The 2018 Local Registrar Self-Assessment should be submitted by August 31, 2018. Click “submit” at the end of the survey to ensure your responses are recorded.

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