Public Education Satisfaction Survey (Public Outreach and Education)

The responsibilities of the Fire Prevention Division include public education activities including CPR training, fire station tours, safety talks, school visits, career fairs, team teaching, fire prevention week, participation in public events as well as other Community Risk Reduction activities.

We are interested in your feedback about the recent Public Education Service you received from Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue. Please help us to understand your needs and improve our services by answering the questions below. 

Please rate your satisfaction level with each of the following statements by selecting the option that best corresponds to your rating (Very satisfied; Satisfied; Adequate; Unsatisfied; Very unsatisfied).

* 1. What was your role in your most recent interaction with the fire district representative(s)?

* 2. Please indicate type of service received?

* 3. Staff was knowledgeable and competent?

* 4. Staff was professional, courteous and helpful?

* 5. Did staff meet your expectations?

* 6. The service or educational class that was provided was beneficial?

* 7. Would you recommend this service to others?

* 8. How do you rate our overall performance?

* 9. Any additional comments or suggestions (We welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions for improvement).

* 10. Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, we would like you to remain anonymous. However, if you would like us to contact you regarding this survey or our services, please provide us with your contact information on the spaces provided below.