Fire or Ambulance Response Assistance Satisfaction Survey

We are interested in your feedback about the recent  fire or ambulance response assistance you received from Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue. Please help us to understand your needs and improve our services by answering the questions below.

Please rate your satisfaction level with each of the following statements by selecting the option that best corresponds to your rating (Very satisfied; Satisfied; Adequate; Unsatisfied; Very unsatisfied).

* 1. How do you rate the manner in which your call for service was received by our 911 call center?

* 2. How do you rate the timeliness of response to your call for service?

* 3. How do you rate our firefighters professionalism relative to their appearance and actions?

* 4. Did we answer your questions in an understandable way?

* 5. How do you rate our firefighters knowledge and proficiency about the duties performed?

* 6. How do you rate our firefighters competence, courtesy and concern for your need?

* 7. How do you rate our overall performance?

* 8. Please tell us what type of services you received.

* 9. Any additional comments or suggestions (We welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions for improvement). 

* 10. Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, we would like you to remain anonymous. However, if you would like us to contact you regarding this survey or our services, please provide us with your contact information on the spaces provided below.