Participant Information

EHS REC 05-159

Invitation to take part in a research study
• We are conducting a study on social factors and health outcomes. In this study we ask you to complete a questionnaire relating to social roles and health outcomes

Purpose of the research study
• The purpose of this study is to better understand how social factors can affect health.

Time Commitment
• The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete in total.

Termination of participation
• You may decide to withdraw from this research at any time without reason.

Voluntary participation
• Participation in this study is voluntary.

• This study may increase our understanding of the social factors which impact on health and help the investigator better understand health outcomes in parental carers

• There are no known risks associated with this study. If you should at any time find yourself upset or uncomfortable, you may quit at any time.

• We will not collect any identifying information, except your name on the consent form, from you but we will ask you to report your demographic information such as, your age and gender, which will only be used in relation to this study and no other.
• Your consent form will be stored separately from your completed questionnaire and your questionnaire will be given an identification number that cannot be linked to your name. Therefore, it will be impossible to link your answers back to you.
• The data we collect may be published in scholarly journals but only group-level data will be reported. No individual participant or their data will be identified.

FOR FUTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THIS RESEARCH: If you are interested in learning about the results or want further information about this study, you can contact Joanne Cantwell, Phd Student on 0894155837 / or Dr Stephen Gallagher at or +353 061 234899. If you have any concerns about this study and wish to contact someone independent you may contact: Chairman Education and Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee EHS Faculty Office University of Limerick Tel (061) 234101 Email: