Many will have seen work going on in Stoborough in July by BT Openreach.  This was to bring a higher speed fibre broadband connection from the Wareham exchange out to Corfe Road. Since then, some people have checked the availability and signed up for a higher speed broadband service from their Internet service provider.  If you haven't done this you can check the possibility of a faster service by visiting and entering your telephone number when prompted.
More general background information can be found by visiting The Dorset Superfast project aimed to get 24MB/sec to 90% of Dorset. However BT have incorporated Wareham 01929 numbers as part of their own upgrade programme separate from Dorset Superfast. You will see from the blue areas in the maps that most of Stoborough and Ridge are already covered by  a fibre broadband service.

The method used is known as 'Fibre to the cabinet - FTTC'.  Although the cabinets are linked by fibre to the exchange, all the existing conventional telephone cabling is used from the cabinet to your home, the condition of which varies considerably.  Your broadband speed before was dependent on the distance from your home to the Wareham exchange.  Now your broadband speed will depend on your distance from the fibre cabinet in Stoborough.  Because of these varying distances, and varying quality of existing cabling, everyone's experience will be different - only this time very markedly so. Some will be very happy, but some left behind by a a not much improved service. Hence this survey - to try and pin down areas where further improvements are needed.

This survey requires you to find out your download speed using a tool such as

Fibre optic cabinets and cabling were installed in Corfe Road Stoborough in July 2013

Fibre optic cabinets and cabling were installed in Corfe Road Stoborough in July 2013

* 2. What is the download speed of your old service - or current one if you haven't upgraded yet.

* 3. Have you upgraded to higher speed internet Service?

* 4. If you answered 'no' above, what are your thoughts?

* 5. If you answered 'yes' above what is your new download speed?

* 6. If you have upgraded, what are your thoughts?