, a comprehensive informational resource for teacher education, wants to know about your experiences in teaching. We’re hard at work on an exciting online tool for brand new (and aspiring) teachers, and as part of it, we’re hoping to highlight the good, the bad, and the everyday realities of teaching careers.

So – was teaching what you expected? Would you recommend it? What kinds of things should prospective teachers be aware of? What do you find rewarding, or aggravating, about your job?

The survey can be taken anonymously. We’re extremely grateful for your help!

* 1. I have a(n):

* 2. I came into teaching through:

* 3. I've been a teacher or school administrator:

* 4. I teach:

* 5. My first teaching position was:

* 6. The thing I enjoyed most about my first teaching job was:

* 7. The most unexpected thing about my first teaching job was:

* 8. The thing I disliked most about my first teaching job was:

* 9. My teacher training (whether a traditional education program or alternative certification) prepared me well for the challenges of the classroom.

* 10. If I could change one thing about my teacher training, it would be:

* 11. At first working as a teacher was:

* 12. My coworkers and administrators at my first teaching job:

* 13. I chose my first teaching job based on:

* 14. The most challenging element of teaching is:

* 15. Most of my time as a teacher is spent:

* 16. Most of the time, I am able to leave work at work.

* 17. The number of students I have in a classroom is:

* 18. My students are:

* 19. My day-to-day workload:

* 20. In general, I work:

* 21. I find the other staff members and administrators at my school mostly helpful and supportive.

* 22. The one thing I wish I could change about teaching is:

* 23. I use technology as part of my job:

* 24. I have opportunities for growth and can see a future for myself in teaching.

* 25. For my position, advanced degrees are:

* 26. Overall, teaching is:

* 27. It would be okay for someone from to contact me with follow-up questions for a feature on teaching careers.

* 28. If you answered "yes" to question 27, please include your email below.