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The purpose of the Survey is to explore the top ways that partners in professional service firms sabotage the growth of the firm either by action or inaction. Identifying these roadblocks is the first step to getting more visibility, leads and new business for your firm.

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The LeadG2 Professional Service Team

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* 2. On a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being “very significant”, how significant are any of these partner actions (or inactions) when it comes to sabotaging your firm’s growth?

  Insignificant Somewhat significant Significant Very significant N/A
Lack of cross selling
Lack of agility in responding to new opportunities
Literacy of partners when it comes to understanding state of the art marketing and sales strategies, tools and technologies
Inability to align marketing and sales efforts
Ignoring thought leadership as a growth strategy
Putting too much stock in mergers/acquisitions for growth
Putting the wrong people in marketing and business development positions
Inability to  balance billable vs non-billable demands on time
Underspending on marketing infrastructure
Inability to tie marketing/sales activities to the buyers’ journey
Investing resources in low ROI niche practices that can be used in better ways
Dropping leads
Thinking that their prospects are just like them
Substituting hubris or ego in lieu of best business development or growth practices
Ignoring the firm’s vision statement as a touch point for all growth strategies and tactics
Underfunding business development training
Ignoring the firm’s strategic growth plan
Ineffective use of competitive analysis and differentiation for growth purposes
Lack of innovation and entrepreneurship  
Ignoring digital marketing
Little or no participation in lead generation campaigns

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