Part I: Proposed HART 2018 Network 

33% of survey complete.

HART is focused on improving the efficiency of its routes and overall network by pruning unproductive routes/segments and/or consolidating close-proximity routes that provide duplicative service.
The goal of this redesigned network is to implement in October 2017 a more efficient bus network for its customers that will:
  • Improve existing rider travel times, particularly on longer trips
  • Improve directness of travel, especially on those routes that travel on major corridors
  • Focus service on productive corridors with high demand, rather than infrequent service spread out far across the service area
  • Connect major activity centers with frequency and speed to improve the existing rider experience and attract new riders
We want your input on the Proposed FY2018 Bus Network. Using the map below, please take a moment to answer the following questions:


* 1. How often do you ride transit?

* 2. What routes do you use, or what routes are close enough to your home or workplace that you have considered using?

* 3. Do any of the proposed changes directly impact your ability to use the system for your regular travel?

* 4. If so, which proposed changes directly impact your use of the system most and which of your trips are impacted?

* 5. Thinking about the trip that you make most using HART service, would your trip be shorter or longer on the proposed network?

* 6. When accessing the HART system from your home, will you have to walk farther to the nearest bus stop with the proposed 2018 network?

* 7. Thinking about the HART route that you currently use the most, in the 2018 network, would this route come more or less frequently than it does today? 

* 8. What is the one thing that HART can do that would improve bus service the most?

* 9. Additional Comments: